21 July 2017

Only Loyalty Matters

On Wednesday night, The New York Times published an interview (link here) with Donald Trump where he made any number of his trademark reckless comments that angered Republicans on Capitol Hill as well as likely gave his lawyers palpitations.

The remarks that caused the most reaction and headlines had to do with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump is still furious that Sessions recused himself from the Russian inquiry.

He is incapable of realizing that the recusal was legally and ethically mandatory. He is also incapable of understanding that the investigation now being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is legally and ethically mandatory.

As noted by The Washington Post (link here) in reaction to the interview: "The president asserted his prerogative to order an FBI director to end any investigation for any reason at any time." Trump, of course, is dead wrong with this. Both the Justice Department and the FBI are, as a matter of law, largely autonomous and beyond White House control for good reason.

Trump clearly expects his people to be loyal and do whatever they can do shut down any such investigations. He also vaguely threatened Mueller's team if they attempted to look at any of his business dealings, which a separate news reported indicated is now underway (details here).

The President clearly has no respect for the rule of law. He clearly thinks he's above the law, embracing the Nixon maxim that "whatever I do is legal," a policy which the Supreme Court long ago flatly said is wrong and not founded in the constitution.

One has to wonder if some of what Trump said in the interview could even be used in an obstruction of justice case against him. A US Senator from Connecticut and former federal prosecutor hinted as much when he tweeted (link here) "threatening the Mueller investigation is more evidence of obstruction of justice -- a criminal case unfolding in real time before our eyes."

The Ex

I'll admit I selected this lad to feature today because, in addition to a Matt Damon resemblance, he looks amazingly like a former boyfriend. I know he's actually not my ex because the latter didn't have tattoos and he's currently in prison. And therein lies a tale.

I met the former boyfriend professionally and interacted with him in a business situation before he made a pass at me. We quickly became a couple. Everything was great for a while, but then I sensed things that he said weren't truthful. With time, more was revealed, and I discovered he was both a serious drug user and also dealing in a pretty substantial way.

As often is the case, a web of lies will quickly kill a relationship, and that is exactly what happened to us. I discovered the drug paraphernalia and then the drug stash and that was that. Other than pot, I had zero experience with drugs so for too long I missed what was staring me in the face.

After we split, we occasionally ran into each other and things were always amicable but he looked increasingly haggard. And then one day he was arrested with some of his cohorts, subsequently went on trial, and was given a lengthy prison sentence. I've thought at times about writing to him in prison but ultimately decided to let the proverbial sleeping dogs lie.

It's a shame because he had many great qualities and was funny, brilliant, talented, and gifted. But he got caught up in a scene that eventually ensnared him.

On to the bloke actually pictured below, who is purportedly named Cody. He's average lad hot but not model hot. He's 5'10 and 160 pounds. He might be ex-military but he's obviously not currently serving because some of those tattoos are not within regulations. The producer's website did not hint he'd return for male on male scenes, which usually means he won't.

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20 July 2017

Subtle Subtext

Near the end of a July 3, 2017, Time magazine cover story about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign and administration (link here) come several interesting paragraphs, which I quote here verbatim:

A fact of Washington life that ought to be a maxim, but isn’t: not every important moment gets a headline. One such moment was a largely overlooked exchange in May between Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat, and [former Director James] Comey, who still held his job at the FBI.

“It’s not uncommon to seek and use tax returns in a criminal investigation?” asked the Senator, himself a former prosecutor, who was well aware of the answer.

“Not uncommon,” Comey replied on cue. “Especially in complex financial cases, it’s a relatively common tool.”

Whitehouse went on to ask about Russian strategies for compromising U.S. business partners by giving them highly favorable deals and to explore the use of shell corporations in laundering dirty money through untraceable transactions with American companies. “And that’s not a good thing?” Whitehouse asked in conclusion.

Comey: “I don’t think it is.”

Investigations like Mueller’s have a way of moving from Topic A to Topic Z, from Ozarks real estate to an intern’s blue dress as one question begets another and clue leads to clue. The Senator’s questions and Comey’s answers mapped several paths by which an investigation of Trump’s actions as President -- Was he trying to obstruct justice? -- could become a dissection of the inner workings of his private business. The tax returns he has steadfastly refused to publish. The conflicting accounts he and his sons have given about Russian investments in Trump projects. The sharp rise in the number of Trump branded luxury condos bought by [Russian] shell corporations since his nomination...

Members of Congress do this all the time during Congressional hearings. They send little coded messages like this to anyone who's paying attention.

The quoted exchange strongly suggests the FBI was already investigating Trump's businesses before the President fired former FBI Director James Comey. Any such investigation almost certainly was picked up and continued by Mueller.

Given that Trump said in a NBC television interview that he fired Comey because of "this Russia thing," a statement now memorialized forever on video, the obstruction of justice circle could well have been completed but for a different reason than much of the public may be suspecting.

That could mean Trump fired Comey not because of allegations that the President's campaign colluded with Russia but because the feds were looking too closely at Trump's shady business dealings.

Trump could be brought down by something that has utterly nothing to do with being President or running for office. He could be neutered by the fact that, for years, he has been running a massive money laundering operation for Russian mobsters (details here).

Bound and Determined

The top here is Josh Moore, an enthusiastic performer who's working quite a lot in porn these days. His lean, fit body and oversize uncut cock make him a standout.

If you've never tried bondage and a blindfold during a sexual encounter, you don't know what you're missing. No matter whether you're topping or bottoming, you'll find when one partner is bound, blindfolded, and helpless, you can have so much more fun. Mastery and submission are highly erotic.

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19 July 2017

A New Worst Day

Yesterday was yet another worst-of-all day for Donald Trump. First came the news (link here) that Trump's "Plan C," to repeal Obamacare but not replace, was already dead in the Senate before it even made it to the floor.

Then came the news (link here) that the eighth mysterious participant in Donald Trump Jr.'s secret meeting with shady Kremlin emissaries had previously been linked to money-laundering and that he, too, was Russian. A few hours later, the news broke (link here) that Robert Mueller was definitely investigating what happened at that meeting for possible criminal violations.

The biggest story of the day exploded (link here) when it was revealed that Trump had a second, previously undisclosed hour-long meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20. Trump had utterly no backup in the meeting -- no translator, no diplomats, no assistants, nothing -- in direct violation of national security policies.

It's no wonder that Trump's six-month-old presidency is being labeled a catastrophe. The New Republic ran an item yesterday (link here) with the title "Donald Trump’s first six months in office have been a spectacular failure." Buzzfeed published an article (link here) with the title "Trump Is Showing The World What A Weak American Presidency Looks Like."

When will Republicans wake up to the fact that Trump and Michael Pence need to be swept aside with an impeachment? That would elevate Paul Ryan to President, but he'd be better than this circus of corrupt clowns occupying the White House now.

In the best of all worlds, in the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats will gain the majority in the House of Representatives and really amp up public investigations into Trump's house of shame.

King Dong

The top here went by Maximillion Kong in porn. He's 6'2 and 225 pounds. He only did two scenes: this one where he topped and another one where he received a blowjob but no sex. Why didn't he do any more scenes, because he seems quite comfortable being filmed and seems familiar with fucking a man?

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18 July 2017

The 36 Percent

The newest Washington Post/ABC News poll was released this weekend, and it shows Donald Trump's approval rating is only 36 percent, the lowest for any President at the six-month mark since the poll was first conducted in the 1940s. In true form as the profligate liar he is, Trump declared the historically horrid poll results as "not bad at this time."

ABC's Rick Klein writes about the poll (link here): "It’s a dismal set of numbers, six months in.... The president’s 36 percent approval rating in the new ABC-Post poll means he has his base, and that’s basically it. That’s how he is choosing to govern, with a slashing style and regular outrages -- as perceived by all those who have been loyal throughout. He is both governing and communicating as if the other two-thirds of the country don’t matter, or matter less than those who elected him."

So there you have it: if you don't support Trump, then his administration's policy is fuck you. You're on your own.

This would be a good point to remind ourselves of Trump's promises on election night 2016 (source here): "I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, I'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country."

So much for those promises. Add them to the ever-growing mountain of Trump lies.

Sadly, many of the people who support him are being kicked in the face by Trump. His tax cuts will only help people who earn more than $400,000. And tens of millions will lose health insurance, thanks to him, if TrumpCare ever passes.


I thought at first this lad was Joey Brass, who does straight porn, but a careful comparison shows they're not the same, notwithstanding the two have a strong resemblance. As is usual, the releasing studio on these provides utterly no information about Heath so we'll just have to guess.

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17 July 2017

House of Cards

Donald Trump's personal lawyer, who has no professional experience in either election law or criminal law, was all over the airwaves yesterday declaiming about how the President's son, son-in-law, and campaign manager committed no crimes in meeting with a Russian spy and a Russian lawyer acting as a Kremlin emissary.

Part of his "proof" for the assertion was the fact that the Secret Service didn't try to stop the meeting. That is total horseshit for two reasons: candidate Trump's children and extended family were not under Secret Service protection when the meeting occurred and, even if they were, the Secret Service protective detail doesn't serve as on-the-spot lawyers for any of their charges because they're not even attorneys.

Many lawyers with extensive professional experience in both criminal law and election law have now been interviewed by the media and have laid out how Trump's son, son-in-law, and campaign manager may have violated a number of criminal laws and how they could be prosecuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is acting as a special prosecutor investigating the Trump Russia scandal.

New York Magazine published an excellent interview last week with attorney Robert Bauer (link here) who provides a detailed explanation of what crimes the Trump team trio may have committed and the penalties they may face. It's a bit oddly formatted but nonetheless fascinating reading, and I highly recommend it if you're interested in this subject.

This brings us to an interesting hypothetical about what might happen if Donald Trump Jr. and the President's son-in-law Jared Kushner are indicted, arrested, and facing a criminal trial.

Would the President continue to keep his indicted son-in-law on the White House staff? Would he preemptively pardon both his son and son-in-law, using the presidential pardon power, thus rendering any criminal prosecution as pointless, much like President Gerald Ford pardoned disgraced former President Richard Nixon to keep him from being put on trial?

Legally, he could do either or both of these things. From the standpoint of politics, however, both would likely be seen as monumental mistakes and cost Trump support in both his party leadership and among Republicans at large.

But Trump very well could do one or both of these things, because he seems impervious to constructive criticism and is also fiercely loyal to family.

If he should go down that road, it would likely paralyze his presidency, to a possibly greater degree than occurred during Nixon's final months in office, and doom Republicans' chances in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

In other words, let's hope we get to this point and that Trump chooses these self-defeating options. If we can't get him out of office and the 2016 election could never be done over, better a weak, powerless Trump than one flexing his power.

Muscle Maneuvers

The insanely fit top here is Mathias, who was featured here on the blog in March in solo jackoff shots. When I see ridiculously ripped lads like this, I sometimes wonder if good genetics helps them or if they just put more time in the gym than most nearly everyone else.

The other bloke, Princeton, is in great shape but not quite as great. Maybe they wrestled to see who would top before this shoot and Mathias won, no surprise. The producer of these stills provides no information about these lads sexuality, but they do at least look like they really could be in the military, given their fitness and lack of prohibited tattoos. That notwithstanding, Mathias mysteriously wears a Marines wifebeater in this shoot but wore an Army T-shirt in his previous shoot.

The originals for these photos are massive and total more than sixty in number. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you should click here. Please note that the download file from the March post is still available.

16 July 2017

The Money Launderer

The New Republic published a detailed article on Thursday (link here) with the title "Trump’s Russian Laundromat -- How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House."

The premise is simple and the documentation extensive: pricey Manhattan real estate was a great way to launder Russian mob money and no-questions-asked Donald Trump always made it particularly easy for Russian mobsters, with some of whom Donald Trump has partied, to buy and sell condos in his buildings.

Shortly after the Soviet Union collapsed, when a flood of mob money washed into Manhattan looking for investments to launder cash, the perfect outlet was a developer who accepted anonymous buyers. Trump was one of the very first developers to do so.

What, if anything, Trump did that was illegal remains to be seen. However, we can find comfort in the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man in charge of the criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign, has hired some of the top white collar and money laundering prosecutors in the country.

If there are Trump crimes to be found, there's a very good chance Mueller's team will locate them.

Dakota Double Feature

I searched around on the various video sites and found two hot scenes featuring Dakota Rivers. First up is a duo with Logan Scott and that's followed by a threeway with Dario Beck and Will Parker.

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15 July 2017

The Perfect Spy

Yesterday morning, NBC broke the story (link here) that an unnamed man who had been a Soviet spy also attended the now infamous Trump Tower meeting last year with the Kremlin-backed lawyer, Jared Kushner (Donald Trump's son-in-law), Donald Trump Jr., and Trump's campaign manager.

While the Soviet Union no longer exists, the unnamed man "is suspected by some U.S. officials of having ongoing ties to Russian intelligence," per NBC. That means he may still be a Russian spy. He was subsequently identified by the Associated Press as Rinat Akhmetshin.

Yesterday afternoon, The Daily Beast reported (link here) that Akhmetshin has been linked to an international hacking conspiracy. He was paid $140,000 "to organize a public relations campaign" about a company's rival (IMR) right before the rival was hacked.

"Shortly after he began that work, IMR suffered a sophisticated and systematic breach of its computers, and gigabytes of data allegedly stolen in the breach wound up the hands of journalists," The Daily Beast piece says.

So let's connect the dots. Trump and his campaign repeatedly lied about having any contacts with Russians or the Russian government, when in fact his own relatives were meeting during the campaign with Russian government go-betweens, at least one of whom was a former and possibly still current spy accused of sophisticated hacking.

A few hours later, Trump the candidate appeared before supporters at a Manhattan event and announced that he soon would be revealing shocking information about his Democratic opponent.

Not long afterwards, the Democratic Party and officials with the Democratic candidate's campaign were hacked and their material was shared with journalists by Russian hackers.

But surely that's all a gigantic coincidence.

Insatiable Cock Hounds

This is a French compilation video with some scorching hot scenes of insatiable manpigs who live to fuck. A favorite is the public loo scene that begins about forty-six minutes into the movie. The biggest lad of the three in that encounter is dominant top Peto Coast, always a favorite.

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