17 January 2018


The New York Times broke the story yesterday afternoon (link here) that Steven Bannon, Donald Trump's former campaign director and White House strategist, has been subpoeaned to appear before a grand jury as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of the President and his associates.

This could mean a number of things. It could, for instance, mean that Bannon has already been cooperating with Mueller's team and has provided valuable leads and evidence. Even cooperative witnesses are routinely subpoeanaed.

Being called to testify before a grand jury almost certainly means that Bannon himself is not facing any possible charges. To do otherwise would violate Department of Justice guidelines. But it could possibly mean that a sealed indictment has already been lodged against Bannon and that he's cooperating and testifying much like former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who is now also assisting Mueller's team in their investigation.

Last night, The Daily Beast broke the story (link here) that Bannon will not be barred by executive privilege when testifying before the grand jury, something he evoked when speaking with investigators for the House of Representatives yesterday. "Mueller will hear everything Bannon has to say," a source is quoted as saying.

Given that Trump now loathes Bannon and caused his ouster from Breitbart, the hard-right conservative and nationalist website, Bannon has no reason to be loyal to the President any longer. Arguably Trump's downfall would benefit the former strategist in a number of ways as he makes future career moves.

This subpoeana could also mean Bannon is being called to corroborate evidence and testimony Mueller's team has already secured through other sources and witnesses. In the new Michael Wolff book that has the President so angered, Bannon speaks candidly about possible Trump crimes of which he has direct knowledge, notably money laundering.

Whatever the answers, without doubt this is bad news for Trump. The more people close to him who are questioned under oath, the greater the risk to him and his family.

If he has anything to hide, he has to be very nervous now. Stay tuned.

Rough and Raunchy

I can't tell if this a whole porn movie or several scenes from it. Either way, it's a hot one. Enjoy!

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16 January 2018

The Racist

Yesterday was the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Whereas previous Presidents have volunteered for public service on that day for more than twenty years, Donald Trump instead played golf. Yet again.

But he did take time on this special day to claim, once again, that he's not a racist. He has made statements in the past that he's "the least racist person."

Trump seems to think because he's not a racist all the time, he's somehow not a racist at all. He thinks because he nominated one African-American to his cabinet, that somehow erases his decades of racist behavior and race baiting as well as his racist presidential words and actions.

Trump is arguably the worst racist in the White House in more than a hundred years. To that end, yesterday The New York Times published a comprehensive history of his hateful words and actions (link here) in an editorial titled "Donald Trump's Racism: The Definitive List."

The piece steps through Trump's forty-year history of treating minorities as second-class citizens, from his overt housing discrimination through his racist comments to the New York media to his hateful treatment of President Obama to his blatant lies about minority communities. And to cap it all off, while Trump has trashed minorities in America for decades, he always has kind words for white supremacists and brutal dictators.

Read the list and share it. The piece thoroughly documents what many of us have known for years: Trump is a hateful bigot.

Humping Hunk Dump

As I noted here recently, I've been doing some hard drive pruning and today's post reflects that fact. Presented for your enjoyment is a massive hardcore porn dump with nearly two thousand high quality photos of lads sucking and fucking. There are twenty-nine sets in total, with most of them duos but a few threeways, too.

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15 January 2018


Donald Trump has made it official. He's not visiting the United Kingdom, America's closest ally (details here).

His "reason" is because he doesn't like where the new American embassy is located, and he lied when he blamed that decision on President Obama. The move was actually instituted during the George W. Bush administration for valid security reasons. If you know London at all, you might know that the former embassy was located between Hyde Park and Grosvenor Square, making it quite vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Trump was originally scheduled to visit London for the official inveiling ceremony for the new embassy, which occurs tomorrow.

The real reason Trump is not visiting is because he knows Brits would stage a massive demonstration during his appearance. He also likely would be snubbed by London's mayor, whom Trump has treated very badly, and there are also signs Her Majesty would give him the cold shoulder, too.

Now if Trump had an ounce of common sense in his head, he would have directed a simple message be released that he could not attend because of a urgent timely matter. He already had one easily available -- the looming government shut-down. But he lacks basic common sense and, instead, tries to make everything about himself with an idiotic tweet.

And with that, he failed badly. Again. He embarrassed himself and he embarrassed America.

He also quite nicely displayed his cowardice -- he's quick to dish out insults but he's afraid of peaceful dissent.

You can change channels, Donnie, but you can't change reality.

Beefy Jock

The big lad seen below goes by Brock in porn. He did a scene in 2015 and then disappeared. A few months ago, he reappeared and has done three scenes to date, all as a top. The studio producing his scenes released no information about him other than the fact that he's 5'9 and weighs 200 pounds.

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14 January 2018

Dirty Dealings

BuzzFeed published some incredible reporting on Friday with an article (link here) to summarize their findings after reviewing every single condominium sale Donald Trump had made in more than thirty years.

Their findings: more than 1,300 Trump condos were sold, not by people, but to shell companies where there was no mortgage and the real buyers's identities were secret. These accounted for more than a fifth of the Trump properties sold.

Why does this matter? The answer is simple: this looks exactly like transactions masking money laundering.

The article quotes a Treasury Department advisory about transactions like this: "Drug traffickers, corrupt officials, money launderers, and other criminals seek to exploit real estate transactions to hide their illicit profits, conceal their identities, and launder funds" (details here).

Almost certainly Robert Mueller and his prosecutors are looking into this as part of their criminal investigation othe President and his associates. The media has widely reported about how he specifically hired some of the best money laundering prosecutors in the country.

Hopefully we'll hear a lot more about this as shoes continue to drop.

Military Justice

The top here is Brock Masters, a true masculine porn god. He was featured once before here on the blog in another video. He did not do a whole lot of scenes in his career and all of them were great, at least the ones I've seen. Definitely quality over quantity.

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13 January 2018

Shithole Countries

Americans of all political parties, including Republicans, reacted with shock and disgust after Donald Trump was quoted on Thursday speaking harshly about Haitian and African immigrants "from shithole countries" (details here) in a Oval Office meeting where he also wished that countries like Norway would send more. Members of Congress from both parties in attendance confirmed he said this.

Once again, the Trump Administration has found a new low. And once again, the President put his racism on full display when he spoke disparagingly about Black people while speaking longingly about white Europeans.

In Trump's mind, if you're a racist marching in Charlottesville in a white supremacy rally, you're "fine people." If you're Black, you're from a shithole country.

To compound this horrendous behavior even more, notwithstanding that many people confirmed he said what he did and the White House did not deny it, Trump then claimed on Friday he had never said what he did.

He was, to put no fine a point on it, lying through his teeth.

I was particularly heartened to see the Los Angeles Times called him out for this in an editorial (link here) with the title "Trump is a liar, but his 'shithole' remark shows he's often scariest when he says what he truly believes." I might be wrong, but I believe this is the first time a major media outlet has specifically called him a liar.

We're slightly less a year into the Trump administration. How much lower will Republicans in Congress allow him to drag this country down before they do something about it?

Badman Returns

I've featured this lad here before but these videos never last long, so if this one tickles your fancy, then download it quickly using the free feature linked below. The top is Richard, who apparently travels the world fucking submissive lads and then sells the videos online. Talk about a dream job.

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12 January 2018

A Liar Shamed

Peter Hoekstra was a Republican congressman with a long history of shamelessly racist and hateful lying. After he lost a string of elections, Donald Trump nominated him as Ambassador to the Netherlands and he was subsequently confirmed.

Hoekstra began his ambassadorship on Wednesday and, needless to say, his reception by the Dutch media has been a trial by fire. When he attempted to hold what should have been an uneventful press conference, he was repeatedly questioned about numerous lies he had told about Netherlands and its people (details here).

The more he tried to duck the questions, the worse it got. The media politely but repeatedly asked him variations of the same question over and over again but he would not respond.

At one point, he was so humiliated, he turned his back on the media and rambled about the embassy fireplace and a John Adams quote displayed on it.

Bless the Dutch. I hope they keep this up. Trump should never have nominated Hoekstra, who in turn should never have been confirmed. But the congressman turned repeatedly failed candidate turned already failing ambassador needs to own what he said and stop acting like a coward.

Vintage Vault

A good while has passed since I did a vintage post, so I am remedying that today. I present to you a large collection of stoke magazines from the late 1960s through the early 1990s featuring lads in both softcore and explicitly hardcore action. Some of them may seem campy today, but in their day, all of these blokes were the epitome of masculine love.

The originals seen before are larger than they appear here and are part of a set with about six hundred fifty photographs from the complete scans of about fifteen vintage stroke mags. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, please click here.

11 January 2018

Wannabe Dictator or Idiot?

Once again, Donald Trump complained yesterday about libel and slander laws and vowed that the White House will "take a strong look at our country's libel laws" with an eye for making them easier for people like him to sue journalists who publish things he does not like (details here).

Now some people are outraged because they fear Trump will try to muzzle the press, silence critics, and shred the First Amendment like some kind of dictator.

Simply put, he can't do that, no matter how hard he tries. The First Amendment will stop him. The Supreme Court will stop him.

In 1964, this issue was decided by the Supreme Court in New York Times v. Sullivan (details here), a landmark case that decided the standard for what is and isn't libel and slander of a public figure like Trump. He has utterly no power to change that standard (details here).

So what I find troubling isn't the fact that Trump sounds like he wants to be a dictator, what I find disturbing is how fundamentally ignorant he is about this issue.

Not only is he ignorant of the Sullivan standard, he's ignorant of the fact that there is no federal libel and slander law. That is strictly the purview of the states.

Doesn't anyone advise him of this stuff before he shoves his foot in his mouth on this issue over and over and over again?

If Trump was a potato farmer from Idaho, then one could understand how his knowledge of libel and slander law was limited. But he is not -- he is a highly litigious individual who has sued people thousands of times and sometimes for libel or slander and has been sued himself.

The great irony of this whole issue is how the notoriously thin-skinned Trump freaks out whenever anyone says something about him he doesn't like, yet he has trashed other people relentlessly like no other public figure in modern history.

The constitutional issues aside, if libel and slander laws were made stronger, the gutter-mouthed Trump himself could end up the most-sued person of all time.

Nordic Pocket Stud

Leo Luckett is seen bottoming in all the photographs appearing below. He made his porn debut in 2017 and has filmed dozens of scenes for a variety of studios in the last year.

He's originally from Florida, stands a compact 5'3, and weighs in at 145 pounds. He has bottomed in nearly every appearance but did top a handful of times.

The originals for these pictures are much larger than they appear below and are part of a massive collection featuring more than a thousand photos of Leo bottoming in twelve different scenes with a whole bunch of other lads. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, you should click here.