20 March 2018

Cambridge Analytica

The British broadcaster Channel 4 News broke the startling story yesterday (link here) that Cambridge Analytica, a company with strong ties to Donald Trump and his campaign, secretly works in elections across the world where it uses bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs, and sex workers to entrap opponents and deploy dirty tricks.

These practices were confirmed by noneother than employees of the first who were caught in secret camera admitting to their unethical and sometimes illegal practices.

Cambridge operates in both Britain and the United States, where their biggest client to date has been Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign. The firm was founded by Stephen Bannon, Trump's 2016 campaign manager, and Robert Mercer, who donated millions of dollars to Trump-aligned political action committees during the 2016 election.

Cambridge made international headlines when major news outlets reported last week that, in violation of Facebook rules and customer agreements, the company had harvested personal information about more than 50 million users for secretive data analysis and campaign message targeting (details here). Facebook has suspended Cambridge from use of its popular social network but has otherwise not commented publicly.

The massive breach enabled Cambridge to harvest exploit social media data about tens of millions of American voters, developing techniques to target vulnerable individuals during Trump's 2016 campaign. As revealed by the secret videos made by Channel 4, Cambridge executive bragged on camera that they could make people believe lies and distrust the truth.

How will this revelation play out in the United States? A lot will depend on citizen response. If millions of angry people make their disgust known to Congress, something might be done. If not, then Trump and his partners in crime will likely get away with this, too.

Stay tuned.

Dick Debut

The beefy top here is going by Axel in porn world, and this apparently is his debut scene. The source site provides no information, but he appears to be of partial or full Asian heritage. Mainstream porn doesn't seem to have many Asian performers, and those who do are mostly bottoms, so it's refreshing to see some much-needed diversity in smut.

The bottom in this scene is Blake, a relative porn newcomer who appeared twice before on this blog whilst topping (here and here). Did Blake help Axel relax for his porn cherry popping, or was the top so horned up that no help was needed?

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19 March 2018

The Muzzler

The Washington Post broke the rather astounding story yesterday (link here) that Donald Trump forced senior White House officials to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement as a requirement to working in the West Wing.

The muzzle would not last for only the time of Trump's presidency. It lasts forever.

Once again, Trump demonstrates that his highest priority of employees is not loyalty to the constitution or loyalty to the country. It is loyalty to him.

The only saving grace here -- which Trump may or may not realize -- is that the contracts are patently unenforceable and unconstitutional. A private company may require a nondisclosure agreement, which is perfectly legal, but a government may not because of the First Amendment.

Now Trump may think that he can somehow overrule the Constitution if he wants, and for all time, but that's nothing but a gigantic bucket of horseshit. No President has such power.

If any former Trump employee does decide to speak, however, nothing will stop Trump from trying to enforce the contract. So any former employee who signs a book deal, which Trump would then try to crush, would have to pay an attorney to fight off the lawsuit, and that could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

In light of this news, one is reminded of one of Trump's many claims -- that he's running the most transparent administration in history. How he can actually say that with a straight face, when he's actually running the least transparent administration in modern history, shows that he is the consummate maestro of lying.

Size Queen Convention

Daniel, the top here, and Luke are both tall and somewhat skinny and both are also very nicely hung. Those big cocks are draining nutrients from the rest of their bodies. Both of these lads are versatile and have both topped and bottom. One of them is leaking precum, which is better seen in some of the wide-format shots contained in the download folder.

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18 March 2018

Dumb as Dirt

I tend not to read the alternative media too much, because they often simply recycle news from mainstream outlets into outrage retreads. But sometimes they really hit a bull's eye.

This week, Modern Liberals published a thought-provoking piece (link here) with the rather blunt title of "Leslie Stahl Proved Why Donald Trump Is Scared Shitless Of Actual Journalists Who Do Their Jobs."

The sensational title aside, the article makes an excellent point. Donald Trump selected cabinet members who, in many cases, are dolts. Leslie Stahl's interview with Betsy DeVos last Sunday on 60 Minutes is an excellent example. The woman was unable to answer basic education questions, notwithstanding she's the Secretary of Education.

Pro-Trump outlets would never have subjected the woman to actual tough questions. They would slow-pitch softballs like "what do you like best about your job" or "what's your favorite memory from when you were in school."

Thus one is left wondering why a cabinet secretary like DeVos even sat down with a news magazine reporter known to fast-pitch hardballs and watch interview subjects squirm. Apparently the Secretary of Education was not smart enough to realize she should avoid the fake news media, as Trump likes to call it.

Avoiding tough media outlets is exactly the sort of thing seen in authoritarian regimes. Russia still has some independent media outlets, albeit small, but you'd never see Vladimir Putin or any members of his cabinet on those on those.

Instead, he only appears on state-run media, outlets that guarantee adoring coverage. There, they ask hard-hitting questions like "why do you think you're such an excellent president." Seriously, they actually did.

Of course, Trump would love the American media to be from the same mold. That's why he's constantly ranting about toughening libel and slander laws. Fortunately, however, the United States has the First Amendment, which may be the only thing left still defending Americans against the tyranical Trump administration.

Fantastic Pairing

This video features two of my favorites in a terrific flip-flop scene: Tomas Brand and Sergeant Miles. What a perfect way to fill a long afternoon -- hot sex with a hot stud and being paid for it, too.

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17 March 2018


An attorney for Stormy Daniels, the porn star who alleges she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump and was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about it, said in a television interview yesterday that his client had been threatened with physical harm but declined to provide further information at this time (details here). The lawyer was speaking about the actress's forthcoming interview on 60 Minutes, currently scheduled for Sunday, March 25, 2018.

The nature of the threats and who made them was not revealed in the attorney interview yesterday.

A threat to keep quiet "or else," if it happened, would be attempted extortion and a felony. More general threats of violence would be a crime, too.

Almost certainly Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal investigation into Trump and his associates, will reach out to Daniels or her attorney for more details. If anyone in Trump's circle of acquaintences made any threats, then the question will become "what did the President know and when did he know it."

Some legal pundits have been speculating that the Daniels payment cover-up and possible violations of federal law involved might actually be more damaging to Trump ultimately than the Russian collusion scandal. If so, then the classic Watergate rule will be proven again: "it's not the crime, it's the coverup."

Definitely stay tuned.

Hot Mess

The slutty musclestud bottom here is Henrik Sommer, a German lad who began doing porn about a year ago. He's only ever bottomed and always is fucked hard by one or more huge cocks in every scene he's done to date. What a trooper.

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16 March 2018

Crossing the Red Line

The New York Times broke the story yesterday (link here) that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his associates, has subpoenaed Donald Trump's business for documents, including some relating to Russia.

This is the clearest signal so far that Mueller is taking a serious look at Trump's business dealings.

Of course, this crosses the "red line" that Trump warned Mueller last July could not be crossed and that examining his business history would be a "violation" (details here).

For their part, Trump's lawyers have repeatedly warned Mueller and his people not to look at Trump's business history (details here and here).

Of course, Mueller is completely free to ignore such warnings and has the full force of the law and subpoena power behind him to do so. If anything, Trump and his lawyers' remarks unintentionally directed Mueller's attention toward Trump's business history.

What these subpoenas produce and when and if we'll ever see the results remains to be seen. If they're the basis for someone's indictment, more might become known when that unknown person is actually charged.

Until then, stay tuned.

Too Many Names

The lad appearing below is going by Petr in porn this week. On another recent week he was Boris. Then he was Marty. And Rob. And Gordon. Why these studios insist on changing names for some lads but not for others appearing on multiple sites is a mystery.

Whatever the answer, today's lad is a cutie -- standing about 5'6, so he's not a behemoth but is very nicely built and with a curved, uncut cock. He's been doing porn for about a year in solo shoots, topping, bottoming, BDSM, and straight stuff. He's said to be from the Czech Republic and is in his twenties.

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15 March 2018

Holy Hypocrisy

The Advance Media newspaper syndicate published an excellent editorial Tuesday night (link here) about how America's self-appointed evangelical leaders, who endlessly condemn LGBT citizens, have collectively decided it's perfectly acceptable that Donald Trump, a married man, conducted an adulterous affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Tony Perkins of the LGBT-hating Family Research Council has no problem with Trump's behavior and grants him "a do-over here." How lovely. Who granted him the authority to dispense blanket pardons.

Evangelist Robert Jeffress totally waffles the issue by stating "evangelicals know they are not compromising their beliefs in order to support this great President." Well, they're certainly compromising something. Their souls, perhaps?

Evangelist Franklin Graham at least conceded "he is not President Perfect" but insisted "a concern for Christian values." What Christian values are involved in a married man banging a woman who's not your wife?

Curiously, no one has yet asked these self-proclaimed arbiters of wholesome values why they have not condemned Ms. Daniels. After all, she has appeared in dozens of hardcore lesbian films -- is it okay being LGBT as long as you suck the President's cock?


This lad, reportedly named Vincent, just oozes hotness to me. He has big muscles, a great body, and a gentle, sweet face begging to be kissed. The source website, as is typical, provided absolutely no information about him. They didn't even hint he might be back for some male on male sexual activity, so this may be Vince's one and only dabbling in porn.

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14 March 2018

Wake-up Call

I'm writing this at midnight New York City time and the special election results from Western Pennsylvania are nearly all in. The 18th Congressional District held a special election on Tuesday, March 13, to fill a vacant seat.

Donald Trump won the district by twenty points in November 2016, a landslide margin. But as of this writing, with all precincts reporting and absentees from the largest county counted, Democrat Conor Lamb has a 579 vote lead over the Republican challenger.

The chances therefore that Lamb will be the declared winner are fairly high. Although the smaller county absentees that have yet to be counted are from GOP-leaning areas, the chance of the Republican pulling way ahead with the uncounted votes is quite unlikely, given Pennsylvania legally only has a small percentage of absentee votes (voters must have prior permission to vote absentee and only for reasons like illness or travel).

Even if Lamb eventually does not prevail, he would only lose by a very small margin, in a congressional district that has eroded a whopping twenty points -- one fifth of voters -- since Trump's small win in 2016.

That is utterly humiliating for both Republicans and specifically for Trump, who campaigned for the Republican candidate and headlined a rally for him this past weekend.

As well, this is an enormous wake-up call for any and all who oppose Trump. The 2018 midterms are in eight months. The chance that Republicans will lose control of the House of Representatives is now higher than ever.

If Republicans lose control of one part of Congress, that will be a gigantic curb on Trump's reckless, unethical, incompetent administration. A Democratic House of Representatives can also begin formal investigations of Trump on the scale of the Watergate Hearings.

Anyone who opposes Trump must become more involved this year. Volunteer even if you only have an hour extra a week -- you can phone bank from home. Contribute if you can at all afford it, even if only a few dollars.

If you're an American voters, you live in a Congressional district. Find out who's running this year. Volunteer and contribute to the Democratic candidates in your district.

This is our chance to pull America back on track. We must not squander it.

The Odd Couple

The grunge skater top here is Bo Sinn, and the smooth musclestud bottom is Joey Mentana. Bo started doing straight porn last year and segued into gay porn early this year. Joey just started porn this year and this was his first released scene. The skateboard sex prop is an inventive touch

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