18 December 2017


Late Saturday night, Axios broke the story that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal investigation of Donald Trump and his associates, has obtained "many tens of thousands" of Trump transition emails, including those of Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner (link here). The emails apparently came directly from the General Services Administration, the federal agency housing transition emails.

As a source told Axios, Mueller's team will comb through the emails to "get new leads."

Not surprisingly, the Trump camp pitched a bloody fit and demanded Mueller return the emails. Trump's lawyers claimed it was illegal and unconstitutional for Mueller to obtain the emails in the manner that he had.

As a piece in The Washington Post noted (link here), this is hogwash. "It’s not your personal email," explained a law professor who is also a former federal criminal prosecutor. "If it ends in .gov, you don’t have any expectation of privacy."

I suspect Trump's lawyers know they don't have a legal leg to stand on here. The fact that they're whining about this to the press, and not filing court motions, suggests they're trying to whip up support from their waning loyalists and the dwindling number of Republicans in Congress who still support Trump in private.

The great irony to all this is that Trump himself, while TV cameras were rolling, begged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email in 2016, which would be a crime (details here). But when a prosecutor lawfully obtains his emails, suddenly the shoe is on the proverbial other foot.

It will be interesting to see how this development plays out. Stay tuned.

New Stud on the Block

The muscular top here is Blake Hunter, who just made his porn debut this month and has done three scenes so far for two different production studios. In one of those, he bottomed, and in the others, he topped.

One porn studio stated he's 5'8 and weighs 200 pounds. I think they may be overstating his weight, because whilst he's very nicely and solidly built, that number seems a little high for his height and size.

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17 December 2017

Guilty Behavior

Donald Trump once again walked himself into a controversial firestorm when he trashed the Federal Bureau of Administration because it is currently conducting a criminal investigation into him and his associates, only hours before a pre-scheduled visit to the FBI (details here).

One has to wonder why Trump is doing this. Does he think he's convincing anyone? Based on numerous surveys, a clear majority of Americans support Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of Trump, in which the FBI plays a part.

As Think Progress noted, Trump lied at least seven times during a ninety-second stretch of his rant (link here). Their piece succinctly lists each significant lie and then rebuts them with facts.

As many have noted, if Trump is indeed innocent as he claims, he would bend over backwards to assist the FBI. He would also, as all of his predecessors have done, choose not to say anything during the investigation, other than a simple statement like "I am fully cooperating with all relevant authorities and will make no further comments until the investigation is completed."

Instead, by constantly throwing stones at the FBI, he only makes himself look more and more guilty. The FBI has taken down countless hardened criminals and mobsters in their day, so his threats against the agency is nothing short of waving a red flag in front of them, encouraging them to continue their criminal investigation.

Leather Lounge

The muscular bottom with the Mohawk and spider tattoo in this video is Marco Cruise, always an enthusiastic slut. He appears to bottom for nearly every lad in this video.

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16 December 2017

Woefully Unqualified

Some time back, Donald Trump nominated Matthew Spencer Petersen to serve on the US District Court for the District of Columbia, where some of the most important federal lawsuits in the country are filed. During his confirmation hearing before the Senate yesterday, Petersen demonstrated how he's woefully unqualified to become a judge, a lifetime appointment (details here).

Peter has never tried a single case in his life in court. He has never even argued a motion, something that very junior lawyers routinely do. It's uncertain if he's ever actually even been inside a courtroom in his life.

As the linked article demonstrates, Petersen was unable to answer even basic questions about the law. One has to wonder how he passed a bar exam with such a woeful lack of legal basics.

It's one thing for a President to nominate incompetent people. It's certainly happened before with other administrations? Remember when George W. Bush nominated his secretary to the Supreme Court (a nomination that was fortunately withdrawn)?

But Trump has done this repeatedly. This is the fourth judge candidate that Trump has nominated who was rated "unqualified" by the American Bar Association.

One has to wonder why Trump is doing this. Is he determined to wreck the federal government by nominating incompetent clowns. If so, why?

If Petersen had any sense of shame, he would withdraw his name. Stay tuned.


The top here looks skinny and a little undernourished, but that might be because his huge cock is getting all the body's nutrients. The bottom is an eager slut and bucks against the top so it'll feel like he's getting fucked even harder with that thick monster.

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15 December 2017

The Moscow Mirror

Yesterday, The Washington Post published an important and very disturbing article (link here) about how Donald Trump absolutely refuses to acknowledge anything negative about Russia or Vladimir Putin nor does he say America's adversary as any kind of threat. He refuses to acknowledge that Russia tried to meddle in the 2016 election, notwithstanding voluminous conclusive evidence.

As a result of this myopia, Trump refuses to address the possibility that Russia, or another country, might try to meddle in future elections and, thus, will not hold a cabinet meeting on the subject. This, in effect, becomes an open invitation for other countries to interfere in our elections. Indeed, the 2017 special elections saw a massive uptick in Russian bots disseminating millions of pro-Trump messaging in an attempt to influence voters.

Because Trump is so averse to hearing anything bad about Russia, the subject of Russia or the deeply corrupt Putin aren't even mentioned in intelligence briefings for the President, no matter how serious the threat. These matters are included in written information given to Trump, which he either doesn't read or chooses to ignore.

Accordingly, the United States is highly vulnerable to any kind of nefarious activity that Russia but attempt, whether it be hacking, industrial espionage, or old-fashioned spying.

One could wonder if Trump is some kind of Manchurian Candidate controlled by Russia. After all, Trump started traveling to the Soviet Union in the 1980s when few other Americans tried to do business there.

I suspect a more realistic scenario grounded in psychology: any acknowledgment by Trump that Putin and Russia monkeyed in his election delegitimizes him, so his emotional fragility causes him to avoid the subject altogether.

All his other failings aside, this Russian problem alone demonstrates how unfit Trump is to serve as President. All the more troubling, the GOP will largely turn a blind eye and allow him to continue.

From Brazil

This is Filé, which is pronounced like "fee-lay." I can read a little Portuguese because of some similarities to Spanish and Italian, which I can read fairly well. Thus, from what I can tell on the releasing studio's website, Filé is from São Paulo and is 30 years old.

He has a nice uncut cock but it pops out of its foreskin early because he's excited about getting naked and stroking himself. Filé appears to be triracial, as many Brazilian men are, with European, African, and Native-American heritage.

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14 December 2017


Literally hundreds of articles were published yesterday in the wake of Doug Jones stunning defeat of hater Roy Moore in Alabama's special Senate election on Tuesday. Rather than publish tons of links here, I'll focus on just one piece which I think offered a really excellent analysis of why this was such a historic win.

Molly Ball wrote a great piece for Time magazine (link here) about both the shorter and longer term implications for this victory. Ball is a veteran political journalist and knows her subject well; she has appeared on a number of television political programs and, until recently joining Time, was chief political correspondent for The Atlantic and, before that, wrote for Politico and a number of newspapers.

She writes: "With Jones’s surprising win, the American political landscape seemed to rattle and tilt on its axis. If a Democrat could be elected in Alabama — a state President Donald Trump won by 28 points just last year — a lot of things suddenly look possible for the party out of power. And panicked Republicans confronted a stark reality: If they could lose Alabama, no Republican may be safe in next year’s midterm elections."

Read Ball's whole piece. It's absolutely golden.

Donald Trump should be worried. Republicans should be terrified. They are making matters worse, people are geting angrier, polls are showing the GOP tanking, and the midterms are right around the corner.

The landscape has changed. Trump was dealt a staggering but not fatal blow with this election. Just imagine what 2018 could be like if, across the country, race after race, Trumpism is defeated as Republicans are sent packing like they were this week.

We can make that happen if we all volunteer to help a campaign or two in your state. If not there, then in an adjacent state if a little travel isn't a problem. My boyfriend and I are already planning to shuttle back and forth to and from Nevada next year to volunteer in a Senate race there.

Get involved. And stay tuned.

Marc's Muscles

As usual, the producing website for these photos released utterly no information about the subject. His surname is probably a porn fake, but it does suggest he could be Germanic. He could be European and, if so, that might explain why he's uncut.

Marc appears to be on the tall side, perhaps six foot more. The fact that he has to lean over to kneel with one leg on that chair and that his calves are too long once he's seated suggests to me he's not a shortie. Agewise I'd guess around thirty.

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13 December 2017

Hate Lost Big

Alabamans held their statewide election yesterday for their empty Senate seat. In a stunning upset, Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore in one of the most conservative states in the country in the most-watched race of the year.

By extension, Donald Trump lost big, too, because he had enthusiastically endorsed Moore and campaigned for him in the final two weeks of the campaign.

Moore is one of the most odious individuals to run for public office in recent decades. He's stridently theocratic, a blatant LGBT hater, a nasty racist, and an abusive misogynist. He would be happy if America was like a conservative Christian version of Iran. Good riddance to him.

This was a great day for America. The GOP Senate margin is now one seat smaller, bringing it to a razor-thin 51-49 advantage. Best of all, this result was a wakeup call to Republican politicians -- supporting Trump in 2017 and 2018 comes with different consequences than it did in 2016.

Republican Trump won Alabama by a 28 point margin in November 2016. Republican Moore lost Alabama by a 1 point margin in December 2017. That is a historic 29-point shift in a little more than a year.

Moore is now toast. And Trump's defeat in 2020 just got a whole lot closer.

Afternoon Flip Flop

This is a very nicely done and steamy scene that succeeds with its erotic simplicity. The moves and sounds seem realistic, almost like the director turned on the camera, said "and fuck," and then let the two performers run the show.

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12 December 2017

Lie For Me

NBC ran a very interesting item yesterday (link here) about how multiple sources have revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who heads the criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his associates, is focusing particular attention on whether the President committed obstruction of justice.

Obstruction of justice allegations, of course, were what brought down Richard Nixon.

In a follow-up piece in New York magazine (link here), they focus on this revelation in the NBC piece: Mueller "appears to be interested in whether Trump directed [the former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn] to lie to senior officials, including Pence, or the FBI, and if so why."

Mueller has already flipped Flynn, who is now assisting prosecutors and could testify in any future criminal trial against anyone in Trump's circle of associates or even Trump himself. In order to offer him nearly complete immunity, Mueller had to receive something big from Flynn in return.

Offering up damning testimony against Trump himself would do that.

If this whole scenario plays out, it will be a reboot of Watergate. In that scandal, Nixon convinces subordinates to lie for him, but then they ultimately flipped and helped prosecutors make the case against Nixon.

One has to wonder why Trump didn't see Watergate as a cautionary tale and, instead, almost seemed to think it was an instruction manual.

If Trump ultimately is accused of the crime of obstruction of justice, what will Republicans in Congress to? IN Nixon's administration, they stood by him for a long time but ultimately abandoned him and that pushed Nixon into resignation. Could that happen again?

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Harvest

A lot of the photo sets that come my way feature mostly or exclusively horizontal shots, so I don't include them here because they don't display well. As part of my hard drive clearance, I pulled the still photos from a dozen different shoots to feature today, with two dozen lads fucking and sucking.

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